The Keyboard works

During his lifetime Haydn wrote a large number of works for different keyboard instruments.

The solo keyboard works include around 60 sonatas, several sets of variations, a Fantasia, dances for keyboard, and other short compositions.  

There is also keyboard music for 4 hands ('Il Maestro e lo Scolare'), not to forget the keyboard concertos, the 45 trios, and the beautiful song accompaniments (for example, 'Arianna a Naxos' and the English Canzonettas).

Most of Haydn’s early keyboard compositions were written for the harpsichord, later works were conceived for the clavichord and the fortepiano. Haydn himself was also a competent organ player. He composed several organ concertos, and included obbligato parts for the organ in 4 masses (including the 'Schöpfungsmesse').

Here you will find detailed information on a number of keyboard works, some of which have been or will be performed in concerts of The Haydn Keyboard Project.